Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Coyotebanjo ships!

Good news! My CD of traditional Irish music Coyotebanjo, with fiddler Randal Bays and bouzouki master Roger Landes, plus guest vocals from Angela Mariani and bodhran from John Perrin, has shipped. Look for the website to go up in the next week or so.

Here's the descriptor (excuse the hyperbole--it's part of the process):

Coyote Banjo: Traditional Irish Music from America is a celebration of the traditional music of Ireland, played on tenor banjo, fiddle, and Irish bouzouki by three virtuosi in the field of Irish music.

In the great tradition of Irish dance music and song, a premium has always been upon the interaction of musicians: in exchanging songs and tunes, in sharing the music as it has migrated worldwide everywhere the Irish have found themselves, and in passing on the tradition to subsequent generations. Some of the greatest recordings in traditional Irish music have been the result of fortuitous, sometimes chance meetings of compatible musicians who share the common language of dance tunes. Coyote Banjo digs deep into that common language, finding new and innovative things to say in a centuries-old tradition. Recorded live in the studio, in the style of great folk and jazz discs of the past, these musicians capture the excitement of a meeting of old friends making music together.

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